Maíson Design/Build aims to change the standard of how architecture today is constructed as well as perceived. For decades architecture has carried the connotation of “luxury” with it; developing into a service that only few can provide, as well as afford. One of the basic biological needs to survive is shelter. Shelter can be defined as: 

"A constructed inhabitable space that protects from the elements." Shelter is essential to human life, yet it is treated as if it were a luxury. If the fundamental purpose of architecture is a shelter, than what governs it's availability? Architecture is something that surrounds us daily and can have a profound impact on its audience; it inherently wants to serve a greater purpose than just a building. Architecture does not have to be expressed via some heavy conceptual design or employ large expensive materials.  Architecture can be expressed simply through four walls and a roof.


Architecture should be available to anyone and everyone. Architects possess an incredible ability to design for the human experience in any given space or situation.

kory almryde
Rhode Island School of Design 
B. Arch 2014
B. Fine Arts 2014
General B - Lic.1013643